A Long Overdue Update

So it’s been quite some time since we last posted an update (almost 3 years!) and there are a lot of reasons for this; the main one being that we’ve just been incredibly busy (which we’re totally not complaining about) but also because a lot of our posts can get pretty technical and, before you know it, that ‘quick’ post you were going to make has taken days to craft, edit, check and add graphics to.

But no more! This year we’re going to make a concerted effort to get simpler, shorter posts out that cover some of the great stuff we’ve been doing over the past couple of years and the new areas we have expanded into. So keep an eye out for more info on our adventures in 360 photography and filming, VR, real-time visualisation in Unreal Engine (did we mention we’d had our work included in the global enterprise showreel for Unreal? Oh yeah, no posts for nearly 3 years…tsk), interactive touch-screen experiences and app development.

Hopefully that lot will give us something to talk about; plus this post didn’t take days so we’re off to a great start!