Our Services

We visualise your imagination, show the impossible and bring simplicity to the complex.

Design Corps was formed 10 years ago with the intention of ‘doing the stuff we loved’; since then we have evolved from our roots in the events industry to offer cutting-edge CG, video and design solutions to clients around the world.

Everything comes together under the main pillars of visualisation & animation, and our collective knowledge in CGI, illustration, event production, photography, videography and design gives us the ability to offer complete solutions to complex projects.

Our main services are listed below but if your project doesn’t quite fit any of those just ask, we love a challenge!


3D Visualisation is an incredibly powerful tool, giving you the ability to showcase products, environments and concepts in ways that are not possible with conventional photography and with a higher degree of accuracy than traditional illustration.

But it’s not just about final visuals, 3D pre-vis gives you the opportunity to explore a space before it is built, iterate on design and finishes before manufacturing and validate your ideas long before any expensive processes are put in place.


While the majority of our focus is on 3D and video work our background in design for the print and events industries is just as relevant today as it was when we first started. We think that this experience in all forms of contemporary design gives us the ability to answer any brief with unmatched creativity and technical excellence.

360 imaging

Another great new way to experience something without having to leave the comfort of your own home; our 360 photography and filming service can capture any environment and create a series of panoramas that can be explored online. We produce everything from basic 360 tours for Google StreetView to filmed experiences complete with navigation, hotspots, maps and additional links and information.

We run multiple systems for our 360 captures and are accredited 360 professionals with Google.


Animation helps make content more engaging and can transform pages of lifeless text into something much more memorable. Our animation team have experience in everything from motion graphics and animated infographics to kinetic type, character and 3D animation.

Our animation team all have a solid background in graphic design across many different sectors; this design knowledge means that every animation project we take on will not only animate beautifully, but look fantastic and be absolutely brand-focused. Our deep experience means that we can bring any subject to life and tell your story in the most compelling way possible.

Virtual Sets

Virtual sets are an excellent way to have your own impressive studio set but without any of the overheads of actually building one. Our 3D sets are designed and rendered to the highest standard and are full of all the tiny details that help sell them as a ‘real’ image.

Our sets are optimised for use with Newtek’s Tricaster and we are official members of the Newtek Developer Network.

Virtual Reality

Fully interactive VR experiences with detailed 3D models can be explored, adjusted, configured and, well, just about anything else you can imagine! Experiences can be anything from a ‘walk around’ of a product, a detailed build of industrial equipment that can be operated and pulled apart to show features or a fully explorable layout of an office or housing development. Within the experience details such as time of day, lighting and material finishes can be setup for configuration in real-time.