Tero International Virtual Studio

Customised virtual studio backdrop based on one of our stock 3D scenes.

Tero International are a US based company who offer professional development, interpersonal skills training and executive coaching. Founded in 1993 the company has expanded rapidly and is now an established and respected training provider with clients around the world.
A key aspect of this success is their thriving YouTube channel which features concepts and advice on subjects such as improving your confidence, getting better at networking, becoming a better presenter and being a better salesperson.

Tero were keen to increase the production value of their videos and got in touch to ask about virtual studios; these are a great way to have a large, completely customisable studio without actually needing the space, manpower and budget to build and maintain one.

After talking through their requirements, budget and timescales we agreed that the best approach would be to customise one of our off-the-shelf virtual studios.

These prebuilt studios are created around a certain theme and they decided the News Studio was the best choice for their requirements.

The stock studios are available to purchase either ‘as-is’ or to use a basis for further customisation. Tero chose the latter, adding some set items and removing the plinth as they were going to shoot against a physical floor element.

The studio was provided on-time and well within budget for their project. As part of the same project, we also provided advice on the build of their green screen studio along with a couple of additional backdrops and brand animation for the side screens.

Some sample renders can be viewed below (apologies for the watermarks, virtual studios are a tricky thing to showcase as certain unscrupulous types just steal them) along with a shot of the set in action. If you would like to discuss any virtual studio, 3D or filming projects just let us know.

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