New site, who dis?

You may have noticed that the site has received something of a facelift (we hope so anyway as it’s completely different!) which, alongside our new branding, better reflects our core business of visualisation and animation. 

Clients and collaborators will no doubt have seen the new branding start to appear on emails and other communications over the last few months and this website update is the final part of the transition from old to new. Of course, what we do hasn’t changed and we still offer the same great service to our clients; but for those of you less familiar with us we thought this would be a perfect opportunity for a fresh introduction…so here we go:

Who are you? 
We’re a small team of designers, animators, videographers, and photographers who go by the name ‘Design Corps’ 

Why are you named after a dead thing? 
Ok, common misconception there; the ‘Corps’ is pronounced ‘core’ and not ‘corpse.’ When we were coming up with the name, we liked the idea of something that highlighted how all of our skills had design at their core but didn’t want to be too obvious with the name. We thought playing with that word a little to also hint at a highly organised group (a corps) would be a good approach. Clearly, nothing says ‘success’ like having to explain why you’re named after a corpse for 10 years! 

Right, and what do you do then? 
A common thread with all of our work is that we take something complicated and break it down into something easily understood. There are obvious applications for this, such as 3D animation for engineering or bioscience, but our work can also be on making sense of complex datasets and presenting them visually, rationalising and organising huge product offerings so sales teams can have critical information at a glance or finding the best way for a user to navigate through an app.  

For people selling simplicity that answer was a bit complicated wasn’t it? 
Ok, that answer again for the TLDR crowd; we do videos, 3D renders and design. Boom. 

Have you done anything I would have heard of? 
That depends really as the sectors we work in can be pretty niche (civil engineering, DNA science, quantum computing, pharmaceuticals etc.); you will have heard of some of the brands we’ve worked with over the years though such as Intel, Microsoft, Siemens, GSK, Pfizer, Toshiba and the NHS. 

So it’s all work for big corporations then? 
Nope. We also do plenty of work with SMEs and collaborate with other agencies that can’t offer our very particular set of skills* in-house. 

Hopefully that’s answered some questions you may have had and now you know a bit more about us. If you have any other questions or if you’d like to talk to us about a project just get in touch via the contact page

*That sounds a bit Liam Neeson. We just mean we’re good at visualisation and animation, honest.