Branding project for an innovative new eco-tracker application.

Enewable are an exciting new startup in the eco-tracker space who are looking to redefine how we think about our environmental impact; shifting things away from the common focus of carbon tracking and offsetting and taking a more holistic approach that can help us visualise our true impact, set goals to improve, take part in challenges and offer savings on energy and eco hardware installations.

Much of our conceptual thinking for the branding was around a circular theme which ties in to subjects like the circular economy, sustainability and reusability.

As we explored these concepts, we thought that a custom font based on this circular theme would add a unique element to the brand and thus, Enewable rounded and Enewable slab were born!

The app features 3 core subject areas (Global, Local and Biodiversity) that everything is filtered into and we wanted to reference that in the brand; we came up with many concepts but 3 stood out: 

3 semicircles which form an arch with a supporting,  interlinked structure.

The letters from Enewable overlaid and mirrored to create a flowing, interconnected network.

A modified version of the letter ‘a’, pivoting around its base to create a representation of a windmill.

These were received well by the team at Enewable but a defining characteristic of their approach is not to assume what their customers want but to ask; so the 3 options were posted to their followers on social media and their opinions were asked on them.

The unanimous decision came back in favour of the third option and the brand was set in place for the next stage of development on this exciting project.

The final logo can be viewed below alongside some of the development versions, notes on the other options and the enewable font. 

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