Vitsoe 620

3D Visualisation project for internationally renowned furniture brand Vitsoe.

This series of renders showcasing the iconic 620 chair designed by Dieter Rams was produced to showcase the level of photorealism achievable with CGI. 

We also (in subsequent renders) highlighted the versatility of this approach by showing how simple it was to change, well, pretty much anything once you have your base model in place.

Finish, colour, lighting setups, camera angles, location changes...when it’s in CG you can change anything you like as much as you like!

Another benefit with this approach is that once the assets are there they can be re-purposed for many different uses; so files used to create a set of highly-detailed marketing images can be used to create a video, or an interactive application, or an augmented reality experience and so on. It’s no wonder that big brands like Ikea are now using CGI heavily in the creation of their brochures.

You can find a selection of the final images below. If you would like to discuss any animation, 3D or video projects please do get in touch.


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