SEGO Portable Image System Animation

3D Animation showcasing the SEGO portable lightbox system for large format printing experts Preview Display.

Preview Display got in touch with us earlier this year as they needed a promotional video for an exciting new product; the SEGO portable lightbox.

This fully modular and customisable system allows for multiple lightboxes to be connected, creating anything from a simple pop up display to an entire exhibition stand complete with options for shelving, screens and counters.

We knew from the initial consultation that the best approach would be a 3D Animation as this would give us maximum flexibility during production.

This approach also meant that, after the initial modelling and texturing phase of the project, we had a fully-detailed 3D asset that could be repurposed for any future requirements.

The video was finished with some text animation to highlight the features of the system and published to the Preview Display channel shortly after.

Take a look at the finished video below, and if you would like to discuss any animation, 3D or video projects please do get in touch.

Preview Display

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