Lorensbergs Prezi

Creation of a custom Prezi design for lorensbergs, helping them to communicate their core offerings to potential customers in a short and simple manner.

As their products (a range of ebooking and asset management software solutions) are so connected in nature we thought it would be a good idea to play on this theme with a complex, interconnected network to frame the journey around.

A recurring element of the lorensbergs brand; a power symbol which appears as the ‘O’ across all of the product logos, fit nicely with this approach so we incorporated this as part of the design with the idea that you would zoom around this complicated network before pulling out to see it in its entirety, the complexity would then fade away leaving only the lorensbergs symbol.

The viewer's journey through this network would highlight the issues often faced in trying to allocate resources and showcase the innovative solutions offered by lorensbergs.

This idea was sketched out extensively before being fully designed in Illustrator, the finished assets were then imported into Prezi where the frames were added for animation. You can see the final Prezi by clicking here.

Some frames from the design are in the gallery below. If you would like to discuss any upcoming design projects please do get in touch.