Illustrata Identity

A branding project for ProQuest who required an identity for their Illustrata deep-indexed image search function.

ProQuest supply comprehensive search data for researchers; offering vetted, reliable information that is filtered to only include relevant scholarly content. They are constantly adding to their information pool to ensure that their content is as up-to-date as possible.

Part of the ProQuest offering is a product called ‘Illustrata’ which gives researchers the ability to search by image. 

This is especially useful when searching for graphs, images or tables and helps to really focus the search so that the researcher only gets the most relevant results.

To help bring awareness of the Illustrata product to their clients ProQuest needed an identity that would make it much more noticeable and help it to stand apart from their other products. We created a range of concepts (see a few examples below) based on themes like indexing, focus, barcodes, information etc.

The final design represents 4 apertures focusing in on some relevant content (in this case the ‘illustrata’ text) and was very well received by the folks at ProQuest.

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