DQ Heating Product Visualisation

A set of 3D Visuals showing the DQ range of luxury radiators in custom CG scenes.

DQ Heating are a family run business providing luxury radiators for both trade and retail customers. They needed a set of new imagery for their upcoming product catalogue for products that were either being updated or completely new to market.

Given the complexity of location sourcing or the expense of setting up custom environments in a photo studio the most cost effective solution by far was to build the environments in 3D; especially considering the short timeframe of around 6 weeks. There were 10 shots requested initially but by the end of the project this had grown to 20.

To begin with we took the existing CAD models of the radiators and converted them to workable files. For the products with no CAD data we modelled from scratch sending regular Work In Progress (WIP) renders back to DQ for approval.

Due to the tight timeframe we opted to work with modified pre-built scenes where possible and built completely new scenes for a few bespoke products. This approach ensured we could get baseline scenes together rapidly and then make adjustments to the design and layout from there.

One excellent feature of creating product images this way is that for products with multiple finishes we could easily change the materials and render out multiple versions. In the real world trying to get shots of multiple finishes means bringing every single product type to the studio and having to install them one by one to get each shot; this is not only logistically complex but also incredibly time-consuming and expensive.

All 20 shots were completed for their deadline and they were extremely pleased with the result. We really enjoyed working on this project too and look forward to working with DQ again!

A selection of the image set can be found below. If you have any 3D or product visualisation projects you would like to talk about just let us know.

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